Friday, 23 January 2015

Your Doom Approaches, Man-Things!

Just to vary things up a little, and to avoid painting more Clanrats, I've decided to make my first foray into Clan Pestilens territory and paint up some Plague Monks. These will add another hard-hitting unit of troops to the army, and provide even more numbers! There will eventually be a Plague Priest (and possibly even a Plague Furnace) to accompany these critters at some point, but I will need to construct a slightly elaborate base for the Plague Priest as he won't rank up without some sort of elevation. 

These are all now based up and ready for painting to begin. Given that they are mostly swathed in robes, I might diverge from my usual method and undercoat them with a suitable sickly green colour, rather than the browns I've used on all the other models in the army. I've also taken advantage of the fact that the Plague Monks are free-standing rather than slotta-based, and used some regiment bases in the unit, rather than have them all as individual models. 

I've begun getting together a few more bits of kit that will finally enable me to start using the airbrush that I got last year. I think the Plague Monks might make for some excellent test models...

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