Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Destination - Denmark!

So after a short trip across the North Sea, my figure for the Miniature Exchange has arrived at it's destination! My friend (and campaign-building colleague) Salamander has posted a great little video of him opening the package:

Salamander unpacking his miniature!

I also took some pics of the figure(s) before I sent them. I completely forgot to take them in good time though, so they're taken right before packing the figure away the evening before posting (hence the poor light)

As you can see, I actually painted two figures for Salamander - a foot and mounted Empire BSB. When I was doing my super-secret reseach, Sallie mentioned that he could do with a BSB for his fledgling Empire army (although he didn't know I was his painter!) and so that was what I chose to paint. He intended to go with a Blackfire Pass mountain-themed "Bergjägers", and luckily for me there just happened to be the ideal banner in Uniforms & Heraldry of the Empire, which I was more than happy to copy. That said, it was a little daunting - this was my first attempt at painting a freehand banner (not counting one I did a looooong time ago for a Space Marine Commander that was copied out and drawn onto paper straight from the Blood Angels codex, which doesn't really count as "freehand"...)

That yellow was a b*tch to paint, but it turned out pretty well in the end I think. Not a colour I'm ever likely to paint in this amount again , if I can help it. Overall, I'm really pleased with how the models (and the banners in particular) came out and Salamander certainly seems pleased with it!

So that's the Miniature Exchange out of the way (or at least my part of it); what's next?

Well, I've taken a set of pictures of my progress with the Dystopian Wars fleet that I'll be putting up in another post (either tomorrow or Thursday). I've also managed to snap a few pics of a game of Uncharted Seas that I played last week at the club. It was a cracking game, so I'm hoping to turn it into some sort of battle report (if I can remember what happened in any sort of coherent order!) I'm off work Thursday - Monday because of a wedding at the weekend, so I'm hoping to squeeze in a bit more hobby time in between travelling down to Wales and putting in more work on the campaign (which I've not mentioned before, but will again before long!) Hopefully, there'll be a bit of content to get some blog posts going and get September off to a good start!

Keep your eyes peeled!

Friday, 26 August 2011

A Present from Norway!

Well, I got hope from work today to find a parcel waiting for me all the way from Norway

I opened it to find a note:
Being a big Robert Jordan fan, I immediately got out my copy of 'The Eye of the World'...

 ...opened the package... find Al'Lan Mandragoran, Dai'shan of Malkier!

What an absolutely fantastic figure!  A BIG 'Thank You' goes out to Git ('Da Git' on Da Warpath). I really could not have wished for a better figure to receive. Thank you once again!

In other news, my own Miniature Exchange figure went off to it's destination yesterday. Once it's arrived and been opened, I'll finally share some pictures of it!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Slow Progress...

Well, nothing much to show for it at the moment, but I have managed to pick up a paintbrush at least. Started basecoating the Dystopian Wars ships; I'm starting with a blackened steel (read: Chainmail mixed with plenty of Chaos Black) basecoat on the metal, while the decks are getting recoated with white before receiving a wash with my precious store of Brown Ink! Devlan Mud just won't cut it for the "highly polished wooden decking" look I want. Meanwhile, I'm looking into various 'Razzle Dazzle' camoflage schemes for use on the ships. Not 100% set on going down this route yet, but it does look good.

In other news, progress is being made with the Miniature Exchange figure. Most of the basecoats are done, so it's mostly on to the detail work now. Not long left to get it finished, so I'll be wrapping it up over the next couple of weeks to hit the deadline.

Next time, I'll try and get some pictures!