Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Figure Gallery!

I spent some time today taking updating pictures of my completed Wood Elf units, using my new photography setup (much better lighting, tripod etc. for hopefully much improved photos!)

I've now added a standalone gallery page to the blog (which you can access via the navigational tabs at the top of the page or directly from this link) showing my Wood Elf army thus far. Naturally, I've only included those figures that are completely finished, including bases and movement trays, so there are some models that have featured on the blog that aren't in the gallery yet - namely, more Eternal Guard and the Treeman who have yet to receive the necessary snowfall on their bases.

Of course, as more units are completed they will be added to the gallery in time. I'm also planning on adding separate pages for other armies and collections - most likely, the completed units for my Clan Rictus army will be the next to gain a permanent position on the blog, once I get round to photographing them all.

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