Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Tor Gaming - Relics Mystery Box Competition!

One of the aims on my list of projects for the year is my starter set for Tor Gaming's Relics; well, this could be your chance to get your own starter set, plus much more! Tor Gaming are currently running a massive £150 Mystery Box Giveaway, containing all you could possibly need for a faction of your choice plus a copy of the Relics rulebook. Go take a look!

I've been meaning to talk about Relics for a while to be honest, as I picked up a starter set and rulebook way back in March of last year. I started painting the figures and we played one proper game before life intervened, but it's certainly one we intend to come back to. 

The game itself is a small-scale skirmish level game, currently with four factions to choose from, and with starter sets available containing fairly balanced forces for each, allowing you to play straight out of the box. Although the game is not designed with 'army lists' in mind, the authors have gone to the effort of including points values for those who are inclined to play "equal lists" games. 

The figures themselves are great sculpts, with a variety of influences to suit all sorts of tastes - from "stitchpunk" Britanans to the evil pixies of the Vaettir. The starter sets contain between five and nine figures, but the ranges for each faction allow you to expand from the starters, or forgo the starter sets altogether to pick a different selection of models to play with, if you so wished. Of course, if you win the Giveaway, you'll have all the figures you need! 

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