Monday, 12 January 2015

A Taste of Things to Come

I've talked about 2014 already elsewhere, but it was a bit of a damp squib when it came to painting figures. I've had a think about what sort of things I want to aim for in 2015, and decided to concentrate on completing small chunks rather than whole collections. This should serve two purposes - firstly, it will give me a sense of progress as I (hopefully) tick items off the list and secondly, it will (hopefully) prevent me getting too bogged down in painting the same things all year. I say hopefully because, as anyone who's been reading the blog for a while will know, I'm not the greatest at sticking to any sort of plan...

So, here's the list of aims for 2015:

  • Bloodbowl Wood Elves - I have most of the figures converted already. I need to build a couple more Linemen and then the team is complete and ready to be painted. 15/16 figures
  • Vikings - As already stated, there's the promise of a campaign in the not-too-distant future so this will be amongst the first projects of 2015. Using SAGA rules, this could be anywhere between 20-50 figures...
  • Relics - We've only played one game so far, but with only 9 figures in the starting warband, this should be an easy project to complete. 
  • Pirates - I have all the figures I need, a mix of actual pirate figures and conversions, so all they need is paint. 20 figures
  • Mordheim - I have Sisters of Sigmar, Beastmen and Dwarf Treasure Hunter warbands, plus a few additional figures for my existing Witch Hunter warband 30-ish figures
  • LotR - I'm halfway to completing both my Dwarves and Moria Goblin forces, so getting those done is the aim. I have 47 Dwarves, and about the same number of Moria figures to paint. A sizeable target, but it would be a big achievement. c.100 figures
  • Skaven - The End Times has renewed my interest in Warhammer, and the Skaven are about to get their own instalment (which I've pre-ordered). Painting up at least a couple of new toys would be a good addition. A Hell Pit Abomination, one of the new Verminlords (also pre-ordered) and a big unit of Plague Monks are the targets. 42 figures
  • Wood Elves - Continuing with the End Times theme, there are several toys that should have been added to my Wood Elves last year that I didn't manage. I'm aiming to complete the last 10 Eternal Guard plus a Highborn, my second Treeman, the Wildwood Rangers I meant to paint last year, a unit of stag-riding Wild Riders and my Dragon. 50-ish figures
It sounds like a lot, and it is - roughly around 300 figures - but I'm hoping that by breaking it into manageable chunks and varying projects, I can keep my focus and motivation up. If I can come back in 12 months and cross at least half these items off the list I'll be happy. 


  1. Ambitious numbers Nick but sensible approach aiming for relatively small batches. Good luck.

    1. Yep, certainly ambitious, but I'm hoping that small batches will "trick" my mind in to thinking that I'm not painting as many figures!

  2. 300 figures??? Is that all??? You lightweight! Some of us do more than that in nine months, but then we have no life...

    1. Of course you have no life, all you do is work and paint (and presumably eat and sleep in there somewhere as well!)

      And considering that I only managed to paint 32 figures in the whole of 2014, 300 in 2015 would represent nearly a 1000% productivity increase!