Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tale of X Gamers - Part II

Only a quick update - the conversion bits I ordered for the Globadiers have turned up, so I can get cracking on putting them together. Some Nezumi Chem Heads from Micro Art Studio and Biohazard Backpacks from MaxMini. I'll have a couple of spare backpacks from the Globadiers (I'm only making ten) so one of those will be going to the Warlock Engineer conversion.

In other news, I also ordered a Screaming Bell from Wayland Games a couple of weeks ago and it turned up today (although the two parcels from Poland that were ordered a week later still arrived before it...). Anyway, it will be a nice little toy to put together (even though it's not for the Tale of Gamers!)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Tale of X Gamers - Part I

Carrying on from the last post, I mentioned I was taking part in Asrai.org's summer contest - the Tale of X Gamers. Those who are interested in the details can read the original thread on Asrai.org here, but in a nutshell the task is to build and paint a 1000pt Fantasy army by September 15th. 

I'm mainly using it as motivation to continue adding to my Skaven and plough through the unpainted models I've already got (rather than buying loads of new stuff). This 1000pt block will then be added to my already-painted stuff and will get me nicely over 2000pts. 

The list I'm building then is as follows:

Warlock Engineer ~ 138pts
 - Lv.2, Doomrocket, Warplock Pistol

40 Clanrats ~ 290pts
- Full Command, Spears, Shields, Warpfire Thrower

40 Clanrats ~ 275pts
- Full Command, Spears, Shields,  Ratling Gun

2 Rat Ogres ~ 88pts
- Packmaster

17 Giant Rats ~ 75pts
- 3 Packmasters

10 Poisoned Wind Globadiers ~ 130pts
- Bombadier with Death Globe


The Clanrats, Rat Ogres and Giant Rats are all self-explanatory. They're models I already have and they'll bulk out what I've already painted to give a solid core for bigger armies. The Engineer and Globadiers will be conversions - the Engineer because I want a variation on the IoB model (which I already have a painted version of) and the Globadiers because I refuse to pay £7 a pop for a dodgy-looking metal model. I'll convert my own for a fraction of the price, thank you very much.

So without further ado, here's a few snaps of some of the models in question:


Well, it's certainly been a while. More than a month since my last post - oops! I'll try not to let that happen again, but I can't make any promises...

April was a slow month, May was even slower as progress crawled almost to a dead stop. I do have a couple of things to show for it though

I began working on a few Dr. Who figures, just as something different. A few basecoats here and there coupled with some washes. Not much, but every little helps. I'm in no rush to finish these, so they can comfortably be left on the side until I fancy picking them up and doing a little bit here and there.

I also picked up the Envoy Vanguard deal from Crooked Dice. These great-looking alien crustaceans will make perfect villains for a whole host of games, 7TV not least amongst them. As with the Dr. Who figures, they've just had a couple of basecoats so far.

In other news, I've signed up for Asrai.org's summer contest - a Tale of X Gamers where each entrant builds and paints a 1000pt Warhammer Fantasy army over the course of three months. I'm going to be using it as motivation to continue with my Skaven in an effort to get back on track with my painting and modelling. More on that in the next post!