Thursday, 22 January 2015

Awakening of the Wood

Here are the first of the Wood Elf models I plan to get painted this year - my second Treeman and the first unit of Wild Riders (I have a second unit unbuilt). The Treeman is a slight conversion based loosely on one that was shown in White Dwarf Weekly back when the Wood Elf book was released - basically, the staff of the Treeman Ancient has been combined with Durthu's sword to make a huge Treeman-sized spear. I've played around with the various joints to come up with a different post, although I don't think this one has worked out quite as good as the first Treeman.

The Wild Riders are a pretty fiddly bunch of figures to put together, and don't sit on their stag steeds in a regular fashion, which makes fitting the riders on top a bit of a nightmare. I think once they're painted, I'm simply going to fix the riders to the stags permanently, rather than go through the rigmarole of trying to balance them on top for the duration of a game. It will make them a bit more difficult to store and transport, but it will save headaches when they actually get used...

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