Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Raiding Party

As I mentioned before Christmas, there are tentative plans in place to begin a Viking SAGA campaign soon and so we've all begun frantically assembled various northman figures to build our warbands. The plastic Gripping Beast Viking Hirdmen kit has been exceptionally useful in getting a large bunch of warriors together in a short time, and I've still got some left to assemble! But for now, here are the beginnings of my Viking warband...

Two character figures, also from Gripping Beast - Jarl Sigvaldi on the left, and Egil Skalagrimsson on the right.

The select few who are fully built, including shields

Those warriors who will not receive their shields until after painting...

And the whole bunch together, including some who have yet to receive heads! 

As of now, I have ten Vikings only partially assembled and a whole sprue (ten more Vikings) still in the box. Once those are assembled as well, I'll have a grand total of 46 Vikings to form my SAGA Warband. More than enough to play our little campaign, I should think.  


  1. Nice raiders there Nick, looking forward to the paint.

    1. Cheers Chris. Hopefully paint won't be too long in coming!

  2. Yesss preciousssss. A-Viking we will go, yesssssss. SSSoon yesssss.

    Gollum, um, I mean Gary

  3. And tell Daft Lad to get a shift on. He's still fannying around with fantasy...