Monday, 16 September 2013

Getting There Slowly...

A little later than planned (I didn't have chance to take photos until today), here's the next unit for the Wood Elves Repaint - 16 Glade Guard with Musician and Standard, ready to go. As you can see, these are the old single-pose Archers from way back in 5th Edition Warhammer, which is when I first started collecting Wood Elves - these are among the oldest figures in my Warhammer collection, in fact! After nearly 15 years, they've finally been given a decent paint job...

Of course, this now knocks another 16 models off my target for the Warhammer Throne of Skulls in October, leaving me with 48 models in 32 days (so just over a month). Still doable, but I'll need to knuckle down and knock out at least 12 models a week to get it done in time. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Scouting Party

The next unit for the Wood Elf repaint is complete, and it's probably the next easiest after all the trees being as it only consists of five models! Still, it's another unit down and five more models crossed off the list. Unfortunately, I didn't quite manage my target of getting below the 50-model mark by the end of August, as real life intervened, but I'm close to crossing the big unit of Glade Guard off the list which will see the remaining model count drop by almost a third. Then I'll have roughly a month to polish off the rest. That's doable....right?

In many ways though, these Scouts represent the hardest bit of the army - having no clue as to what colour scheme I was going to go with, other than that it would be a "winter" palette, I had to spend time making those decisions whilst painting the Scouts, with some trial and error along the way. Now that I've managed to settle on a scheme, and on which colours go where, the rest of the work is simply repetition - in theory, that's the easy part. It just means I have to chain myself to the painting desk for the next month and keep painting!

In other news, although I'm somewhat behind schedule on the painting front, I'm getting a fair few games in - I've played three times over the last week, with two Wins and a very narrow Loss. Not bad going considering I'm definitely still learning 8th Edition!

Until next time...