Thursday, 14 March 2013

Some Painted Figures!

Speaking of 7TV, I've recently finished up a few figures for use in various spy-fi games.

The first is actually a GW model, from the Imperial Guard 40K range I think. I saw it, and thought it would be spot on for some sort of evil military type. The grey uniform makes him look vaguely German (because Germans make the best baddies, right?)

The second is another GW model that came together with the first, some sort of Imperial Guard astropath/psychic I think. I thought he'd make a pretty good Cult Leader involved in some nefarious plot as part of either spy-fi or Victorian steampunk/sci-fi games.

And the last two models are from Crooked Dice, specifically for 7TV - Envoys! These crustacean-like baddies will make great opponents for the various Stars when we get some 7TV games going.

WMMS 2013

Sunday 10th March was the date of the West Midlands Military Show held at Aldersley Leisure Village. Unlike last time, this year we went along simply as punters rather than as "demonstrators". Demonstrating our TYW game at Wargamer back in December with just three of us proved to be a struggle, and so with no one available to step in and help us run the game, we decided to take a break. 

Of course, not running a game meant we all had more time to look around the rest of the show. There was the usual range of traders and model displays (though to be honest, I'd rather they didn't bother with the displays - they take up room that could be used for more traders and games!)

So what did I buy? 

Well, not as much as usual. First, a trip to Ainsty Castings where I picked up several blisters for use in 7TV.

The Guru - Every spy-fi game needs an evil villain!

Scientists - boffins for either side

Minion Specialists - a flamethrower and mechanic

Minions armed with pistols

And various assorted minions, lining up to die horrible (and comedic) deaths

Precious cargo!

Then, a trip to Frontline Games, who had 20% off Malifaux

Snow Storm will go straight into my Rasputina crew. The Seamus Avatar, however, I don't intend to use for Malifaux - I've no intention of playing Resurrectionists, but ever since I first saw the model I've thought it the perfect model to use for a Mr Hyde. When we eventually get some Victorian Sci-fi games going, it will be perfect. 

I also popped down to take a look at the Bring and Buy stands, and found a few bits and bobs - namely, a bunch of Uruk-hai Scouts and a box of cheap Wood Elf Glade Riders (not pictured). I've wanted Uruk-hai Scouts for a while, to play all those Fellowship of the Ring scenarios (as all I have so far are Isengard Uruks, in full armour, they weren't really suitable). 

The Glade Riders were too cheap to resist (a quarter of the price of a box from GW!), so they will be added to my Wood Elves in due course.

And finally - I mentioned in my last post that I've recently aged another year. Alongside several other pressies, I managed to blag my other half into buying me toys! 

Of course, this does rather go against the target I set at the beginning of the year to paint twice as many models as I buy, but I still have plenty of time to get painting, right? (and who's counting anyway?!!)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Resuming Normal Service

More than a month has gone by since the last post, almost without me realising it! There's been a lot going on which has prevented me from updating (or at least, sapped the energy needed to write any posts!) but I'm getting back into the swing of things now, so hopefully I'll be able to post more often.

Anywho, what have I been up to during this quiet spell? Well, another year ticked over on my Life Calendar, and with it came a few goodies including The Ortegas box for Malifaux. Along with Rasputina's Cult of December box, this means I now have two starting Crews for Malifaux available so at some point in the relatively near future, I'm hoping to get some paint on them and get a few games in. I've managed to talk my better half into playing (in theory, at least) so if nothing else I have at least one reluctant opponent!

February also saw the first Fantasy game of 2013 in the form of a 5k clash between O&G, Skaven and Lizardmen. Myself and G (of G's Spot fame) teamed up with 2,500pts of Skaven and O&G respectively, facing off against 5k of Paul's Lizardmen. Needless to say, much abuse was given about the overpowered cheesiness of Paul's ridiculously powerful Slann (mostly by me, to be honest...) and the ridiculous number of attacks his Cold One Cavalry Bus (accompanied by two Old Bloods and a Scar Veteran) dished out, but in the end the weight of numbers took it's toll - the Skaven did what they do best (died in droves, that is) and the O&G were mostly happy to let the Skaven do the dying for them (helpfully staying put for most of the game, and only chipping in when their own lives were threatened!), but in the end we were victorious.

Anyway, I'll stop grumbling and instead drop this helpful photo-bomb:

The game begins with a mass Lizardmen advance across the table; in response the
 Screaming Bell gets as far forward as it can while the rest of the Skaven edge as far as they can away from the first turn Comet of Cassandora (the yellow gems in the middle of my army!)

The Doomwheel faces off against the Skink-Krox combo.
Inevitably, it doesn't end well for the Ratmen

The Screaming Bell prior to the forthcoming magical bombardment of the Slann

Meanwhile, the O&G force make great progress....

The Cavalry Bus performs its first trick as it causes one Clanrat unit to vanish!
The second volunteer unit eagerly awaits a similar fate
(P.S. Also note the similar disappearance of the Screaming Bell Clanrats!)

Finally, the Rat Ogres get into the action and the tide starts to turn as more
Clanrats break through the wood to appear on the Saurus' flank.

The Cavalry Bus reforms in the sights of a Ratling Gun. Unfortunately, it's fleeing so can't gun them down.
Meanwhile, the second Rat Ogres prepare to make a meal of the Skink-Krox unit as the other Ogres make short work of their Saurus opponents

The last Saurus unit still can't finish off the Screaming Bell, as other chargers line up to pounce on them

Rat Ogres, Clanrats, a Giant and some Trolls all pile in to the last Saurus unit. The other Rat Ogres make short work of the Kroxigors, while the Night Goblins and Savage Orcs (who've both done nothing all game!) face off against the Bus.

The final deciding combat. The outcome is inevitable, although the Saurus
 finally manage to take down the Bell before they get trampled into the dirt

So there you have it; an enjoyable game, although 5k with two horde armies proved a challenge to fit in the deployment zone. We'll definitely need to downsize for future games, but this was the biggest game of Fantasy that we've ever played, and it was worth it in the end!

Of course, the more astute of you will notice the appearance of an almost-painted Screaming Bell and a third almost-painted unit of Clanrats in this battle. I spent the week before the game frantically trying to get as much of both of them painted in time. I didn't quite manage it, but I'm not far off completing the Bell and my third unit of 40 Clanrats. I'll make a post on them in due course!