Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Let There Be Light!

So here we are then, the first blog post of 2015. First off, a Happy New Year to all - I hope the festive season brought much merriment and joy! 

Of course, Christmas also brings presents and I thought I'd start off the year by sharing one of mine. Technically, it wasn't a Christmas present (I got it in the January sales...) but it arrived today and so I've spent the morning tinkering with it. The present in question is a lightbox; more accurately, it is a "Portable Photo Home Studio" that includes a light tent, two 240v GU10C Daylight effect lamps, four different coloured backgrounds (white, black, red, blue) and a mini tripod stand for my camera, all packed up in a handy carry case. As I said, I've only begun playing around with the kit this morning but my first impressions are very good and I can already see big improvements in the few photos I've taken. Given the price (a little over £25) I absolutely cannot grumble! 

Here are a select few of the photos I've taken this morning, just because I feel like sharing...

Grey Seer Pritislik and his Screaming Bell are possibly too big for my little tent...

A Wood Elf BSB, courtesy of Asrai.org's Miniature Exchange and the talented paintbrush of Baardah

Warlord Queek Greyclaw of Clan Rictus!

My Mordheim Witch Hunter warband
Classic Wood Elf Archers!

The newest addition to my Wood Elf army...

And finally, the Doomwheel

So there you have it. I'm pretty impressed so far. The first couple of pictures shown were taken with just the two lamps provided, after which I brought in my desktop lamp to supplement the lightning, which seemed to improve the overall shot. It's not a great light source (it's not designed for photography after all) so I may look into getting another lamp specifically for the light tent, but it will certainly do for now. The only other thing I'll need to sort out is the creases in the background sheets - a quick iron on a low temperature should smooth out any issues (if you'll excuse the pun!)


  1. Absolute bargain and nice pictures. Might have to invest in one as the photo of my figures are dreadful (they are actually getting worse).

    1. Cheers Matt, it certainly was a bargain. Normal RRP is £56 according to Amazon, so definitely a steal and a good starter kit.

  2. Excellent present the images are great

    1. Cheers Chris, hopefully there will be plenty more to come!

  3. Wood Elf BSB - does that stand for "Bloody Shooty B**tards"???
    ("Crappy new WH rules, Elves overdone, freak rules make games biased and not fun...." muttered the curmudgeonly, old codger as he drifted off into another nap, his fourth of the evening.

    I am still doing photos with the dining room chair seat covers as backcloths, but then I am old and traditional like that...