Wednesday, 12 December 2012

More Goodies!

Another bunch of stuff I picked up on sale, this time from Wayland Games' Halloween sale. You might remember the 40mm Greek Heroes I posted up at the very beginning of this blog (if not, you can read about them here), and these are the rest of the set. I had no real plans to buy these beforehand (story of my life!) but the price was too good to resist - the combined retail price, as you can probably work out from the stickers on the blister packs, should have been around £45 (the Skeletons alone are £35, plus the Minotaur for £7.50 - I estimate Jason would be around £4/5). In the sale, I picked the lot up for the grand total of £12.84!

There are four different packs of Skeletons: 3 Spear-armed Skeletons, 3 Sword-armed Skeletons, 3 "Thracian" Skeletons (armed with Spears, but wearing just linen tunics) and 3 "Heroes" (with helmets, armour and swords). 

Then of course there's Jason, who is a suitably heroic-looking Brad Pitt-esque hero. He'll team up nicely with the three Greek Heroes I've already got.

And no Greek adventure would be complete without a Minotaur. This is only a "lesser" Minotaur, but it's a good looking figure nonetheless.

All this has given me vague ideas for a 'Jason and the Argonauts' themed skirmish game at some point. Whether that will ever materialise is anyone's guess!

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