Wednesday, 12 December 2012


At long last, Malifaux has taken hold at Stafford Games and people have started buying Crews and playing games. Finally! Now I have the excuse I wanted to start buying figures of my own! 

I've picked up quite a few bits over the last month or so. First up was the Rasputina "Cult of December" box set and a Fate Deck (because Rasputina's cool and I love winter-y bases - an excuse to go to town with some base inserts and snow effects!)

Extra Ice Gamin (you can never have too many Gamin...), a Silent One, Alternative Rasputina (my favourite Malifaux figure) and Rasputina's Avatar of Famine were a few purchases at the Wargamer show.

And I managed to pick up a few extras on sale, just before Maelstrom Games went bust; Marcus, Fire Gamin and two Performers & Mannequins (for when I get a Colette crew going!)

Obviously, the focus here is Arcanists and specifically Rasputina at the moment. It was a Colette crew that I initially had my eye on but after reading around, I figured I needed a "basic" crew to get into the game with before taking on the more challenging Colette. The Arcanists were my faction of choice simply because of the models; they were the one faction where the majority of models appealed to me. 

I'm going to hold off on getting these assembled and painted until I've had a think about bases - I've seen some very cool effects on Malifaux models with base inserts and scenic bases, so I'm going to take some time (and wait until after the Christmas post has settled down) to consider some options and plan what I'm going to do with them. I have plenty of models to paint in the meantime!


  1. You sneaked these through as well as the Greek Myth stuff. Crafty little nephew. "Whats it got in its pocketses?" one asks.


  2. Well, we all have to have our secrets :D