Tuesday, 11 December 2012

More Dwarves

As well as the Moria game boards, I've also been working on my Dwarf forces to battle against the hordes of Moria Goblins. This is just the first batch; I've got another 8 archers, another 8 with shields and 8 with two-handed weapons, plus 6 two-handed weapons that are almost finished (the last group of this first batch). Once they're all painted, I'll have a grand total of 41 Dwarf Warriors (not to mention the Khazad Guard, Iron Guard and Rangers I have still to paint!)

And, as mentioned a few posts ago, I went back to the Dain Ironfoot figure and added a few embellishments. A touch of gold here and there to emphasise his royal status, plus the cloak got a bit of extra treatment as well.

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