Tuesday, 11 December 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Of course, it's that time of year again - yes, it's nearly Christmas but it's also time for Da Warpath's Advent Challenge! For those that don't know, this is a 'challenge' where painters sign up to tackle painting one complete miniature in one day on each day of December. I've taken part before (which you can read about here), and I'm taking part again this year. 

I signed up for two days again; the 6th and 13th December. Of course, the 6th has already been and gone, so here's what I painted!

Before, at precisely 10:01AM!
And after, at 7:07PM the same day.

As you might have guessed, it's a LotR Dwarf Captain. I love the metal LotR Dwarf figures, and they're really easy to paint as well. I actually thought this would take longer than it did, but then it always surprises me when I find I can complete a figure in a day (just think how productive I'd be if I did this every day!)

As I mentioned, I'm also signed up for the 13th, which is this coming Thursday. I'm not sure yet what I'll paint for that - I have a metal Balin figure waiting in the wings, but I'm not sure it would be good form to paint two stunties for a O&G forum! I might have to bring out old Durburz the Goblin King I've been meaning to paint for a while instead.


  1. Great looking figure. Figure a day? I'd be lucky if I can average a figure a week!

  2. Thanks again Matt! I was surprised to find that my average (over the course of the year so far) is actually nearly two figures a week :P Of course, the majority of these are batch-painted, three-colours-basic standard, but they all count!