Friday, 2 March 2012

Potential Recruits?

Just seen these on Forge World (via Tabletop Fix). They're Skin Wolves, and although they're designed for Chaos armies, my first thought was "Rat Ogres". With a few suitable Moulder "improvements", I think they'd fit right in (and they're waaaay better than the current Rat Ogres sculpts*, and open to far more variation than the IoB Rat Ogres). And at £32 for 3, they're not that much more expensive than similar sized models straight from GW (plus they have the added advantage of guaranteed Forge World quality, rather than potentially-catastrophic Finecast quality...)

Thoughts, comments and suggestions welcome!
Copyright Forge World
Copyright Forge World
Copyright Forge World

*The boxed set versions anyway. I really like the IoB Ogres, but they're one-piece models and there are only two variations, which doesn't leave much room for modification without hacking them to pieces (which is something I'm not comfortable doing, nor confident of pulling off).

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