Sunday, 11 March 2012

WMMS 2012 - The Return to Steinkirche

In around 6 hours time, we'll be heading to the WMMS (West Midlands Military Show) at Aldersley Leisure Village once again for the second outing of the Battle of Steinkirche. With most of the essentials already done for the first outing at Wargamer in December '11, there wasn't too much that needed adding but nevertheless Gary and myself (mainly Gary, as usual...) have been tinkering away with various additions and "improvements". More trees and hedges, various vignettes, assorted wildlife and livestock, and odd little bits of scenery have taken shape over the past few weeks and will be added to the table for the Second Battle of Steinkirche.

As an aside, I've been working on a special "project" hoping to get it ready for the show. Unfortunately, it's not going to be, but that gives me more time to get it finished and perfected for next time. It also gives me the opportunity to post up some WiP stuff on the blog, so look out for that.

Once more, we'll be ably assisted by our associates from Stafford Gamers who are turning out to swell the ranks. We've set things up so that those who played as the Imperialists last time get a chance to do the attacking and play as the Swedes, but we'll see how it goes when we get there.

Finally, if by some extraordinary coincidence you happen to be reading this blog, and you're going to the WMMS tomorrow (today!) then do pop by and say hello, and maybe stop for a chat. If you're not there (or you're not reading this blog...) then you can look forward to plenty of pictures that I'll be sure to take.

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