Wednesday, 14 March 2012

WMMS 2012: Steinkirche Part III

The view from above!

The action hots up as the Schlammersdorf Regt. continue to plough their way through Aldringen

...only to then find themselves faced with a fresh veteran heavy-armoured Nuremberg regiment

Fierce fighting between Nuremberg (left) and Schlammersdorf (right)

The Swedish Yellow regt., heroes of the last game, advance to support Schlammersdorf

Meanwhile, in the village, the Schwarze Kurassiers show up on the flank of the fleeing Red regt.

The much-reduced Schlammersdorf and Nuremberg regiments continue fighting,
with the Yellow regiment now deployed to support

On the Swedish right flank, the Blue regiment continue their stoic fight against Loebl
while Hepburn's Scots march onto the camp unopposed

The view from the Imperial Saker downhill towards Hepburn's Scots 

View from behind the Swedish lines

The Nuremberg regiment finally see off Schlammersdorf,
only to find themselves facing the fresh Yellow regiment

And here the game ended. The fighting on the Swedish left flank had been fierce, and they were just inches short of the camp board, but on the right flank the Blue regiment and Hepburn's Scots punched through and seized victory. Two out of two wins for the Swedes!

As I mentioned earlier, we won the prize for 3rd Best Demo Game. The two games that beat us were Leamington, with a Wild West/Cowboys & Indians game, and Shrewsbury/Like A Stonewall with the same pirate game they showed at Wargamer (which we beat to 1st prize there!)

Leamington's 2nd place winning game

A couple of better shots of the pirate game

In all honestly, even though 3rd prize is a respectable achievement for only our second outing, we came away feeling a little disappointed after having seen who (or rather, what) we were beaten by. Of course, we're biased but we thought we were better than 3rd. Still, it leaves room for more improvement and we at least came away winning something which is what we aimed for!

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