Thursday, 23 February 2012

Muster the Rohirrim!

Time for some pictures then. I've collected quite a bit of LotR stuff over the years, and as I've said previously it's probably the game I've played most in the past few years, by virtue of the fact that it's quick and easy to play, and doesn't require carting around massive collections of figures.

Anyway, the first force I collected was always going to be Rohan. The Battle of Helm's Deep and the charge across the Pelennor Fields are my favourite parts of the movie trilogy, and the strong Anglo-Saxon influences in the books, films and models instantly captured my attention.

No Rohan army would be complete without Theoden

Likewise, Eomer is a necessity

The Rohirrim ride to war
Dismounted Warriors of Rohan form up

Even though the Rohirrim are my favourite LotR force, I started my collection with the original Fellowship of the Ring boxed game, along with the Fellowship itself. As the primary characters of the three books, it would have been a heinous crime not to possess them in miniature form!

Alas, my initial attempts at doing the figures justice are rather poor. Some day I'll go back and repaint them, but my 13 year old self was simply too eager to get them painted!

That's all for now! Keep your eyes peeled for more in a future post...

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