Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Another One (+49) Bites The Dust

Phew! It's taken a while, but I've finally finished the Clanrats. It feels good to have finished off a large chunk of the figures - only 120 more to go! (I think)

I also spent a bit of time today putting together a couple of movement trays for the two units of Clanrats I now have, using the GW Modular Movement Trays. Together with the Liquid Green Stuff, these are one of the most useful GW products I think, and unlike everything else GW sells, they're not extortionately priced (although I could have saved even more money and made them from scratch, but why do the hard work when I can get it done for me?)

They're 5x10 (100mm x 200mm), even though my Clanrat units are (currently) only 40-strong. At this size, they have dual usage - I can use them "lengthways" to hold 40 rats in ranks of 5 (and thus give me as many ranks as I can, for 'Strength in Numbers') or I can use them sideways as they are in the photo whenever I want to use a Horde formation. I can also add another 10 rats and/or characters with the extra space. 

I put in an order earlier in the week for a bunch of 'rare earth magnets'. The plan is to put a magnet on the bottom of each figure's base, and a layer of steel paper on top of the movement trays, and it *should* make it a lot easier both to store, transport and use the units. We'll see how it goes...

The Year of the Rat is barely a month old, and I'm over a quarter of the way towards achieving my target. It's early days yet though, so I need to crack on with the next batch of models. I've got my Warlord and a couple of Poisoned Wind Mortars on the painting table in front of me, but I've also got a bunch of Victoriana figures ready to work on while I get the next batch of Clanrats based and undercoated. 

Until next time! 

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