Sunday, 12 February 2012

Assemble the Minions!

In amongst a load of other things this past week, I've managed to assemble and base the next batch of Clanrats, ready for the painting table. This bunch are lacking any standard bearers and musicians; the astute viewers will have noticed that the previous two units both have two standards and two musicians already. That's because, strictly speaking, each of those 40-strong units is actually supposed to be 2x20-strong units - they're exclusively Island of Blood figures, which are organised into units of 20 Clanrats. 

Still, that's easily remedied as demonstrated below - all it means is that the next two groups of 40 simply go without a standard and musician, and will then pick up one of each from the first two units. Simples!

I'm not sure when I'm going to get started on these; I need to get outside and spray them, but the weather over the last seven days has not been conducive towards a spray paint-friendly environment. I've not been completely idle on the painting front though, as I've been steadily working on my Warlord and a couple of Poisoned Wind Mortars. Those are nearing completion, so hopefully photos aren't too far away.


  1. Nick,

    Look forward to a game some time. It is ages since I blew apart that Lion Chariot and you ran off the table playing the Orc Warlord the following game......

    But Steinkirche is four weeks away. Any hedges and trees on the horizon?


    1. Yep, we'll have to arrange something. A small-ish game (1500pts or so) would be quick enough to play at the club one night. Maybe even an afternoon/evening session, or a Sunday at yours perhaps?