Monday, 12 December 2011

More from Steinkirche

Supernumeraries in the camp

...and a view along the road into the town of Steinkirche

A closer shot of the board from the Swedish end

Hepburn's Scots - the first Swedish unit to arrive

The first Swedish light gun, accompanying the Hepburn's on the right flank

The Swedish Red and Yellow regiments being led forward by Gustavus Adolphus himself!

Swedish Red regiment deployed

The Yellow regiment and Gustavus

And the first arrivals for the Imperialists: Munich-Ebersberg regiment accompanied by Pappenheim

The Imperialist front line: Aldringen (left), Munich-Ebersberg (centre), Nuremberg (right)

The Swedish begin their advance as the second wave arrives on the table

The Vastgota cavalry show up

A view across the Swedish advance from the left flank

Men of the Match, the Swedish Yellow regiment

Red regiment and Gustavus

Bader leads his Lifeguard (left-bottom), the Swedish Blue regiment (top)
and Holtzmuller's Dragoons (right) onto the field

A closer shot of Holtzmuller's Dragoons

The Schlammersdorf regiment advance in the wake of the Hepburns

And on the Imperialist side; the Aldringen regiment

Munich-Ebersberg regiment

Munich-Ebersberg (front) and Nuremberg (back)

Hepburn's Scots advance along the road towards the Imperialist camp

The rear of the Yellow regiment as they advance over the hill

The Swedish advance. The Upplands cavalry have just made it
onto the board behind the farmhouse

The Imperialists begin to move down off the hill to confront the Swedes. Both the culverin and medium gun have shown up, placed in the redoubts, along with the Lorraine regiment advancing down the road

View from the Swedish left flank. The Yellow regiment advance on the redoubt and
Aldringen regiment, with the Red regiment advancing on the other side of the wood.

The Swedish centre; the Blue regiment are flanked by Holtzmuller's Dragoons on the left and
Baner's Lifeguard on the right, while the Upplands cavalry move along the road behind them

The view of the Yellow regiment as they crest the hill and spy
the Aldringen regiment exposed on the Imperialist right

The battle lines close. Hepburn's Scots advance in the face of the Munich-Ebersberg regiment,
 only to find themselves repulsed and routed after suffering heavy casualties from artillery fire

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