Monday, 12 December 2011

Steinkirche Part III

Hepburn's Scots face off against Munich-Ebersberg and Nuremberg

The lines face off...

And from the other side

View from the rear of the Swedish lines

View from the rear of the Imperialist lines; the Hagen Arquebusiers advance along
 the road, and the Loebl  infantry  regiment move onto the board

The Upplands cavalry are surrounded by Firelock musketeers, but not for long...

The Lorraine regiment move up to plug the gap in the Imperialist lines
 before the Yellow regiment smash into the Aldringen regiment

Munich-Ebersberg engage Hepburn's Scots while the
Schlammersdorf, Blue and Red regiments form into line 

The battle lines move ever closer; the Jung-Tilly regiment have taken up position behind the Aldringen to secure the Imperial right flank. Little do they know what fate has in store for them!

The Yellow regiment clear the redoubt, allowing Baner's Lifeguard
 to advance along their flank to encircle the Imperialists

The Loebl regiment and Hagen Arquebusiers behind Imperial lines

The Swedish centre. Hepburn's Scots break and run from Munich-Ebersberg;
the Vastgota cavalry move up to plug the gap and pump lead into the Munich-Ebersberg regiment 

Piccolomini arquebusiers arrive in the Imperial camp; the Loebl regiment
form line in front of them to secure the Imperial centre

The Yellow regiment engage the Aldringen regiment; meanwhile Baner's Lifeguards
 face off against Pappenheim's Kurassiers on the edge of the Imperial camp

Pappenheim Kurassiers, fresh to the field (and not long to remain on it! Mwuhahaha!)

View from the rear of the Swedish lines as the battle enters it's climax. At the bottom of the picture, you can see the Croat cavalry arriving in the Swedish rear to threaten the artillery. Meanwhile, the Blue regiment have turned about face and formed 'hedgehog' to face the threat of the Schwarze Kurassiers (out of picture)

The Blue regiment 'hedgehog'

The Schwarze Kurassiers threaten the Swedish Blue regiment

The Yellow regiment, having ploughed through the Aldringen, smash into the Jung-Tilly while next to them the Lorraine regiment get blasted to pieces by the Red regiment and Schlammersdorf

So those are the final shots of the game, but there are still more to come! Of course, ours wasn't the only game there and I have shots of some of the other games still to show!

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