Sunday, 18 December 2011

On the 15th Day of Christmas!

Just a few quick snaps of the model I painted up for Da Warpath's Advent Challenge on Thursday. The challenge is to paint a complete model, from start to finish, within a day. I picked a Witch Hunter (Mordheim) model I've had sitting around:

Still a few details that I'll go back in and add when the mood takes me, but that's what I got done on the day.

I've also signed up to paint tomorrow's figure. I had originally intended to paint the Marco Columbo figure I picked up earlier this year, but after an accident and ensuing wrist injury at work yesterday (followed by another accident and exacerbated wrist injury at work today...) I think I'll stick to something simple instead. I don't know how difficult painting will be (typing is bad enough...) so I don't want to take on a model that is too detailed and complicated. I'll have a quick look through what I've got undercoated already, and pick something simple. It might end up being a Clanrat or similar plastic Skaven. The upside of that is that it will get me in the mood for getting back to the rats...

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