Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Trees and Hedges and Planes! Oh my!

Been working steadily on the trees and hedges for the TYW table this week. Less than two weeks to go now!

The tree bases started off as circles of card, with smaller circles in the centre to get a bit of elevation. The bases were then painted with Scorched Brown (the closest match I've got to the Bitter Chocolate paint we've used on the rest of the boards). Railway ballast applied, and then another coat of Scorched Brown finishes them off. We'll probably give them a drybrush of the Nutmeg Spice colour to blend them with the wood templates, but other than that they're pretty much done.

The hedges were even simpler. Bases cut from bass wood, with the edges cut and sanded to give a chamfered edge and the ends rounded to prevent warping. The bases were then painted Scorched Brown, ballast was added before another coat of Scorched Brown. The final picture shows what they'll look like with the hedges attached! These will probably need a bit more than the Nutmeg Spice to finish - they need to blend into the grass (rather than the wood templates) so will need green and yellow adding in the same way as the boards.

And now for something completely different - I've finally got round to carrying on with the planes for my Dystopian Wars fleet. I wasn't happy with the green or red schemes in the end, and instead a "sea grey" was suggested. I thought that would fit in much better with the metallic look of the ships, so I got hold of some Vallejo Pale Grey Blue (my first Vallejo paint, and I already like them better than GW...) and painted the two Doncaster Bombers and the ten Fighter Tokens

Much better than either green or red in my opinion. They're slightly bluer than a real sea grey, but that's fine. As I plan on giving them a wash of Badab Black (the Bombers at least) that will darken them down a bit. I'm a bit wary that the black wash will make them too dark so it will be a bit of trial and error. The worst that can happen is that I'll have to repaint the grey, which isn't too much hassle...

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