Tuesday, 8 November 2011


After receiving the Man-of-War from Ainsty a couple of weeks ago, I set about building a few pirate models to crew it! I already had a few specific pirate figures from a variety of manufacturers, but not enough to give me the required variety or numbers, so I decided to flesh out my available figures by converting a bunch of GW's Empire Free Company models and a few old Mordheim models I had lying around (with the Mordheim kit essentially being exactly the same as the Free Company kit...)

First up, the manufactured models!

Cap'n Henry Morgan!

Blackbeard-esque chappie

A couple of chaps with pistols, and a musketeer

First Mate and the Quartermaster

Sword and pistol chappies, or Pintel and Ragetti as I call them...
And now for the conversions. First up, a couple of blokes with spears/boarding pikes - very useful (some would say overpowered) in LotHS, a lot more balanced in Cutlass

Next up, a couple with a blunderbuss and a musket. Blunderbusses are largely a one-trick pony, but are lethal (in theory at least). Muskets are always useful for providing a bit of longer range firepower (providing they hit anything...)

More chappies with cutlass and pistol; these form the mainstay of most crews. 

A couple more with just cutlasses; these are the cheap-and-cheerful crew members, usually just added to bulk out the numbers of the crew and add a bit of strength in melee.

And finally, Pistol Pete - I built him as a sort of secondary captain, or as a First Mate in a larger crew. 

So there we go. I've got loads more bodies available for converting but I've now run out of round bases, cutlasses and pistols so I'll have to get hold of a few more bits before I can carry on converting. In the meantime, I'll paint these ones up in between other things (namely finishing the Dystopian Wars ships...)

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