Monday, 10 October 2011

The TARDIS Takes Off...

...although strictly speaking, I suppose it doesn't really fly. Regardless, work on the TARDIS has begun (hence the "taking off"!)

After a quick wash in soap and warm water, followed by a scrub with my brother's toothbrush (just kidding...) it was all ready to start. I have to say, the casting is top-notch which saved on any sort of maintenance work first (although it denied me the chance to use the new Liquid Green Stuff on air bubbles...)

One black undercoat and a coat of Regal Blue later:

I let it sit like this for a day or two, just out of sheer excitement - it already looks like a Police Box!

Today, I got over my nerdy Fanboy-ism and carried on painting. A 50/50 mix of Regal Blue and Enchanted Blue provided some line highlights (there are a lot of straight lines on this thing after all) and then a 75/25 mix of Regal Blue and Chaos Black provided a bit of shading in select areas (mainly the door panels).

With Flash
And without
You'll also notice I've started on the details, like the windows. The handles and keyhole were recoated black, ready to add metal. The windows and light have been give a basecoat of Skull White with a touch of blue (it occurred to me afterwards that I probably could have just used straight Ice Blue for this. Hindsight is a wonderful thing...). I originally tried to be neat and just paint the little boxes, but I quickly gave up and went for the "all over" approach. The Ice Blue-esque coat will get a highlight of pure Skull White, leaving the blue-white around the edges, and then I'll go back and repaint the window frames with Regal Blue.

You might be able to tell that I've also painted a box of the really dark blue on the door lintel (and the other three sides). That will be where the "Police Public Call Box" signs go, of course. Then it will be a simple case of adding the Police Notice on the left-hand door (or the right, depending on your point of view...) and we'll be done!

In other news, I've assembled the Steam Tank into sub-assemblies ready for painting:

These have all been thoroughly washed and scrubbed as well, and I'll probably get round to undercoating them tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I've finally managed to continue with the Dystopian Wars fleet:

Excuse the dodgy photo angle, but you can hopefully see that there's just one Cruiser left to undercoat. The Battleship (the big one of the right of the picture) and the painted Cruiser (top-left) are both on hold until I can figure out what sort of camoflage/razzle dazzle I want to do on the fleet, if any.

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