Thursday, 20 October 2011

Decision, decisions

OK, I've made a bit of progress with the Vanguard Subs, but it's the Fighter tokens I might need a bit of help with:

These are just tests; as you can see, I've done one base in red and the other in Catachan Green, to try and replicate the classic RAF look. But now I can't decide which one to use. So I turn to you, good readers (of which there probably aren't that many, but it's worth a shot...). Overall painting quality aside, which one looks better - red or green? 

Comments, suggestions and whatnot gratefully received! I might even put up a poll...


  1. Red. Leaving aside the Red Baron comparison, which doesn't work thematically but is still awesome, the Ships seem quite dark and metallic, and some bright Fighters would be a great contrast. You could always add red in as a bit of an accent colour on the ships. Even a tiny quantity on each one would pull everything together nicely.

    Just my 2p though!

  2. Cheers Draig. I did think of the Red Baron connection, and thought that having the biplanes look like Fokkers might be a bit out of place for a *Britannia* fleet, but the red does look good I think.

  3. I don't know a lot about the game, but the red stands out far better and as you said it helps with the red Baron connection too!