Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Inspecting the Drydock

So in amongst the stuff I've been doing for the Sentinels of Shadows campaign (which you can read more about in this post, and which has now started!) I've been steadily working on the Dystopian Wars models.

The ships from the basic fleet are now simply waiting for me to add all the details. I'm closer to deciding on what to do with the razzle dazzle, so I'll probably get started on that on Thursday. In the meantime, here's where we are with the ships at the moment:

Meanwhile, I've broken the Vanguard Subs out of the blister and began work on them yesterday (Monday). Here they are prior to undercoating:

And at the close of play last night:

Personally, I think they look great already! I'll have to have a careful read of the rules for these and see how many I can fit into the fleet, because they're great fun to paint! Maybe it's the recent furore over Dreadfleet that's got me caught up in the whole "sea bases" thing...

Anyway, all that's left to do with the subs is to pick out the details on the subs themselves and to finish off the bases. In that regard, the Dreadfleet edition of White Dwarf has actually been quite useful in providing a painting scheme for the sea bases (not that I couldn't have worked one out for myself mind...)

Finally for Dystopian Wars - I've started work on the Fighter tokens as well:

These have just had the base painted with Regal Blue, followed by stippled Enchanted Blue. The stippling is more prominent on some than others (and the photos make it look a lot more prominent...)  so I might go back and give the 'darker' ones another go-over. I've not decided what colour to paint the planes themselves, but I'm edging towards red simply to give a complete contrast to the ships, and to provide a completely subtle British military colour....

And now for something not-all-that-completely different - the Steam Tank:

As for yesterday morning, I'd got the basic metal basecoat done. Since then I've repainted the tracks black and that's about it. From here, I'm not entirely sure where to go. Aside from picking out all the rivets in Chainmail (boring...) I'll probably be looking for spots to throw in some colour and just break up the massive chunk of silver. Suggestions most welcome!

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