Friday, 14 October 2011

Hello Sweetie!

And we're done! The TARDIS is all ready to show up in some far flung galaxy:

Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. The hand-painted signs turned out OK, although as the pictures show they're not quite central (typically, the front sign looks the most out-of-position of all four sides...) I'll probably go back at some point and redo it, but for a gaming piece (i.e. designed to be viewed from a distance of a few feet, rather than a few inches...) I think it'll do fine.

In other news, the Steam Tank is now undercoated:

I'll likely start work on that over the weekend, along with continuing with the Dystopian Wars stuff. Talking of Dystopian Wars, I was down the club last night and, aside from a very enjoyable second game of Cutlass (where we still didn't get the rules right!), I picked up a couple of Britannia Vanguard Submarines as well. They look fun to paint, and they shouldn't be too difficult either.

More on those next week!

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