Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Another day, another blog post!

Well, after my record time update last weekend, obviously my brain couldn't cope with the possibility of three updates in a single week. But now it's a new week, and it's safe to post again...

In all fairness, I've not actually had much to post about over the past week. Work has resumed and so my painting time has reduced correspondingly. I have managed to make some small progress with a few things though.

First up, the Clanrats:

 Not much left to do on them now, but I've not touched them for four or five days.

Next up, a few Napoleonics...


And Cuirassiers:

And now for the reason why they're not finished yet. I'm an idiot.

Let me elaborate. Last weekend was the WMMS wargames show, and I mentioned that I was going to get basing supplies. Well, I did get basing supplies. I just didn't get all the basing supplies. I use Basetex to do all my 15mm bases, and I'd completely forgotten that I needed new pots of the stuff. Hence when I went to pick up the basing supplies, I completely ignored the Basetex and simply bought the magnetic stuff I wanted. Come Monday morning when I wanted to start working on the figures, I was kicking myself.

The next chance I'll get to buy some will be Salute in mid-April, and I'm not 100% sure I'll be going. Failing that, I'll have to order it online and have to wait for it to get here...

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