Saturday, 12 March 2011

Clanrats Underway!

Another update!

Those Packmasters did eventually get finished; nothing special, but they're only Packmasters!

I'll get some pictures of the whole unit up some time next week.

More importantly, I've made a start on the Clanrats:

I've decided to go with Clan Rictus in terms of colour scheme, so all the cloth and clothing has now been painted black. Next up will be the armour and metal (Chainmail) followed by details such as the shields which will add a bit of colour and variety to the unit.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the progress so far. These 30 only took me a few hours (I didn't time it exactly and I was watching Pillars of the Earth at the same time, so that probably slowed me down!) but I managed to keep going and paint all 30 in one sitting - the great thing about the models so far is that they are all different and individual, which made painting them a lot less repetitive and kept me interested in them. The hard part of getting started is out of the way, so hopefully they'll come together quickly over the next couple of days.

Alumwell - West Midlands Military Show

Tomorrow is the day of the Alumwell wargames show (officially, the WMMS), and Stafford Games are once again putting on a demo game (as well as the usual trading stand). This time, we're running a FoW Stalingrad game complete with an urbanised table, with all the terrain purpose-made for the game by members of the club. All in all, a very impressive effort to get all the terrain and all the forces together and ready to play.

With 45+ trading stands, it's also a great opportunity for me to grab some bits and pieces for the various armies I need. I'll be visiting Magnetic Displays/Coritani for some basing materials - I'm planning on magnetising all the Skaven, so I'll need to stock up on steel paper etc. I'll be looking for more Napoleonic French (particularly cavalry) so a trip to Lancashire Games, and I'm after some more Westwind Saxons as well. There will likely be the usual bring-and-buy stands as well, so those will be worth a look for any bargains. You never know, there might be some cheap Skaven!

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