Monday, 11 April 2011

I'm back!!

Wow, long time no see I guess...

Well, the last two weeks have been pretty hectic for me with real life stuff, and as a result my painting (and general hobby time) has become virtually non-existant. Rather than neglect my blog for yet another week, I thought it was about time to make a post, even if that post was just to tell you about why I haven't been posting!

The next couple of weeks are looking to be just as hectic until we get past Easter, but after that I'm hoping to get the hobby train back on the rails and really try to churn out some figures. I no longer have the Animosity 5 campaign to distract me (it finished last weekend - the Maderasari came second! Very happy with that achievement) so I'll hopefully be able to devote some time to getting more Skaven painted and continuing with the long-suffering Tilean pikemen. More immediately, I'm going to try and squeeze some painting in on the final two 15mm French cavalry units I got at Alumwell. The downside is that, because of work, I won't be making it to Salute this year so I'm going to have to order some Basetex at some point online to finally finish the bases...

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm going to try and resume the regular (or at least, semi-regular) updates and get some more pictures up - I'm rapidly falling behind with my resolutions so far in 2011, so I'm going to have to try and claw it back over the next few months!

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