Sunday, 13 March 2011

Update in Record Time!

This must be the shortest time between updates ever - two updates in two days! You lucky devils...

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, today was the Alumwell wargames show. We headed up this morning to find the Stalingrad game in the midst of setting up. I didn't manage to get any pics of the table unfortunately, but the guys really pulled out all the stops to make a great looking board.

We were lucky to be positioned as the first demo game inside the doors, so we attracted a lot of attention from everyone coming into the hall. There were a lot of great looking games, including one right next door which was a reenactment of the Battle of Towton - two huge War of the Roses armies facing each other across a snow-covered field, and one of the bloodiest battles fought on English soil. I couldn't hang around long enough to find out whether history repeated itself unfortunately, but it was set up to be an excellent game from what I did see.

It wasn't all about the games though - there were plenty of trade stands, as always. Naturally, I took the opportunity to splash some cash. Windwind Productions had no Saxon Archers again (second year running...) so I may have to resort to buying them online after all. I managed to pick up the Napoleonic cavalry I was after though: more Dragoons, Cuirassiers, Bavarian Cheveau-Legér, as well as some Voltigeurs. I have enough Line Infantry for the whole army, so it's time to start getting some other infantry to add in.
Of course, there were the usual temptations of new projects, shiny new figures for bright new periods of history. Yet again I lacked the willpower and resolve to resist, and I am now the owner of two boxes of these:

I've been a fan of the figures since they were released, so it didn't take much to overcome my resolve (in truth, I've been looking for an excuse...) The great thing about the European Mercenaries is that they are incredibly flexible; they can be used to form the backbone of pretty much any medieval European army - War of the Roses mercenaries (for both sides), Italian Condotta, Swiss, Burgundians, French, Holy Roman Empire, the Low Countries and even late 15th Century Spanish. 40 figures for just £18 works out at just 45p per figure - absolutely fantastic value, and brilliant quality figures as well. Buying two boxes also got me two free Mounted pages, so can't complain about that! Now I just have to decide exactly what army I want to use them as...

In other news, a surprising amount of progress has been made with the Clanrats:

That's the two main colours complete. Now to start on the details.

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