Sunday, 22 February 2015

Vikings Ahoy!

A few more WiPs then to show what else I've been working on, besides Wood Elves. I've finally started painting my Vikings! 

It was a little bit delayed due to me struggling over how to base them. I didn't want to do the usual PVA and sand finish, as I didn't think that would give me the texture I was after. At first, I started off using some fine surface filler that I had lying around, and it took me forever to do a couple of figures before I realised I'd have a much easier job (and better results) using the Basetex that I usually use on my Napoleonic figures. Half an hour later and I was done. Much better. Now to painting.

Given that I'd used a box of Gripping Beast Viking Hirdmen to make my warband, it meant that the majority of the figures were mainly wearing mail. That would have been pretty unusual for a real Viking warband, as mail was expensive and valuable, and only the best warriors could have afforded to wear it. Normally, a Viking warband would have relatively few models in armour, with most of the warband being made up of lightly armoured bondi, but I like the Hirdmen models better and it gives the warband a real "elite" look - all that armour is worth a small fortune, so they must be kickass warriors! 

Anyway, with that in mind, out came the Army Painter Plate Metal spray primer and a couple of quick spray sessions plus drying time later, I had 36 silver Vikings.

That undercoat was quickly followed by an all-over wash of Nuln Oil to add shading to the metal areas.

The bases were then basecoated with Graveyard Earth/Steel Legion Drab and drybrushed with Ushabti Bone. They will eventually get a wash of Agrax Earthshade, but as I'll be washing various parts of the model itself, I'll do all the wash together. As you can see in the picture above, I've now started painting the little flesh there is on these figures - just the hands and faces, nice and easy. 

From there it should be a relatively simple process of painting the few bits of fabric in various shades, then picking out various details like belts, buckles, pouches, hair and weapons. I've got a few days off work now, so I'm hoping that I can get the Vikings mostly finished by the end of the week. We'll see how I get on...

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