Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Few Additions

In between painting stages on the Vikings, I've managed to paint up the few Mordheim models I planned to add to my Witch Hunters warband - a couple of Flagellants and another Warhound. 

All relatively simple and straightforward, and nice and quick to paint too. Hopefully the difference in the paint scheme between the two Flagellants is enough to overcome the fact that they're the same model, while still in keeping with the suitably drab and grubby scheme of the rest of the warband (as Flagellants are the lowest of the low, they have a very limited palette, even more so than the rest of the band). You can see the rest of the warband in the selection of posts here

The only thing left to do with these three is to give them names, so I'm open to suggestions! 


  1. These are lovely paint jobs! And deffinately look suitably different, I had to do a double take just to check they were the same! Nicely done!

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure 'lovely' is the right term for these fellas, given how grubby they are, but I'll take it!