Monday, 1 April 2013

April Fools! Oh Wait...

Another month has been and gone, again with little to show for it on the modelling front unfortunately. But I have been working on a few things lately.

The flavours of the month recently have been primarily Blood Bowl and Dreadball; my brother and I played our first game of Dreadball last weekend; despite having to take the time to read through the rules as we played, the game didn't take long at all and was fast and furious (naturally, I lost in the end but the game swung both ways right the way up until the final turn). From just this first outing, I can see Dreadball becoming a firm favourite.

So, with Dreadball looking like it will stay on the gaming radar for a while, I need painted teams to play with! Having backed the Kickstarter last year, I've got all four Season 1 teams (Corporation, Orx, Forge Fathers and Veer-myn) already to paint and will be receiving several of the Season 2 teams soon-ish (they're set for an April release date), so I've got plenty to be getting on with. To start with, I've cleaned up the Human and Orx teams ready for painting

The Referee and ball - necessary components for every game!
The complete Orx team - six Goblin Jacks, backed up by four hulking Orx Guards
The Corporation Human team - four Strikers, four Jacks and two Guards

I'm not entirely on what colour scheme (or team name) to use for the Orx but as we were watching TRON: Legacy as we were playing, I can't help but picture the Humans as players on "The Grid", similar to the 'official' colour scheme for the MVP 'Wildcard' pictured on Mantic's website

I'm not sure on the colour yet (blue, yellow or orange); I think the most likely choice will be yellow (because "Wildcard"/Quorra wears blue, and "Number 88"/Rinzler/TRON wears orange). We'll see how it goes when I start painting them. 

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