Monday, 1 April 2013

It's Kick-Off Time!

I mentioned that, along with Dreadball, we've been playing a lot of Blood Bowl as well (both the 'real' version, and the computer game!) Having a preference for Elves in most games, I play as Wood Elves exclusively on the computer but I only have figures for Human, Orc and Amazon teams for the 'real' game (and I dislike using proxies). I've been meaning to convert a Wood Elf team for a long time (several years at least), but had never got round to it. With all the games we've been playing recently, I decided now was the time so I've spent the last week or so taking various Glade Guard models apart and putting them back together in a variety of more Blood Bowl-like poses.

The classic Blood Bowl Treeman, with added foliage for a more tree-like profile
A couple of old 5th Edition Wardancers, with weapons removed - very little work required!
Thrower - converting the throwing hand was a little awkward, but manageable in the end
Three vaguely aggressive-looking Linemen
Three more Linemen, looking vaguely menacing
A couple of others, who could double as either Linemen or Catchers really

Unfortunately, I can't get two Wardancers and a Treeman in a starting roster (not enough money!) so the most likely starting lineup I'll use for games will be as follows:

2 Wardancers                     240k
1 Thrower                            90k
8 Linemen                          560k
2 Rerolls                            100k

Total                                 990k

Of course, this means I'll need to use the 'Catchers' as Linemen for the most part. For one-off games, I'll probably ask/suggest that the team budget be bumped up to TV1200 rather than TV1000 so that I've got enough money to include a Catcher (instead of a Lineman) and the Treeman. If we get a league going, I'll have to model up a few more Linemen to be able to expand the roster and actually use the Catchers as Catchers! 

In the meantime, there's still some work to be done on the figures I've got so far (nothing exciting, just filling gaps, resculpting details etc.) but I'm looking forward to getting these painted and getting more games in with my beloved Wood Elves! 

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