Thursday, 14 March 2013

Some Painted Figures!

Speaking of 7TV, I've recently finished up a few figures for use in various spy-fi games.

The first is actually a GW model, from the Imperial Guard 40K range I think. I saw it, and thought it would be spot on for some sort of evil military type. The grey uniform makes him look vaguely German (because Germans make the best baddies, right?)

The second is another GW model that came together with the first, some sort of Imperial Guard astropath/psychic I think. I thought he'd make a pretty good Cult Leader involved in some nefarious plot as part of either spy-fi or Victorian steampunk/sci-fi games.

And the last two models are from Crooked Dice, specifically for 7TV - Envoys! These crustacean-like baddies will make great opponents for the various Stars when we get some 7TV games going.

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