Thursday, 9 August 2012

Meanwhile, in a period long ago...

In other news, and at complete odds with the so-called "Year of the Rat" I had planned, I've taken a couple of relatively timid steps into yet another period and yet another figure collection.

Yes, somehow I've found myself in possession of a bunch of Roman legionaries. Myself and Gary each bought one of the "Conquest of Gaul" boxed sets - Gary is taking on the Gauls, while I'm tackling Caesar's legions. Splitting the contents of the two boxes means I have 60 legionaries and two Scorpions, while Gary has 120 frothing Gauls!

Now, this was not even close to a planned purchase - even though the Romans are the primary reason for my interest in history, and even though I went on to do a degree in Roman history (along with Greek and Egyptian...), a Roman army in miniature form had never seriously crossed my mind until Gary happened to point out the boxed set and remark "That looks good, doesn't it?" About thirty seconds of further deliberation (along the lines of "It's got to be done hasn't it?" "Yeah, split it between the two of us, we're sorted") decided it. Not something either of us had planned, but at least this is an army that I actually know something about before deciding to buy into it and without actually having to research it first.

Needless to say, I won't be starting on these until I'm done with the bunch of Skaven I need to paint (or until the deadline for ToXG runs out, whichever comes first...) but it will be something to look forward to for a little later in the year.

Meanwhile, I can keep the anticipation up by reading through the copy of the Hail Caesar rulebook that comes in the boxed set.

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