Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Distractions Galore

Long time no post (that seems to be a recurring theme this year...)

And unfortunately, not much to update with. The Olympics have provided an epic distraction over the past couple of weeks, and between various trips to London to see several events I've hardly managed any painting. Combine that with a newfound interest in Mordheim at the club and it means the Skaven have fallen by the wayside a little. On the plus side I've been getting plenty of games. I'm just waiting on an email with all the battle notes, and then I'll be putting up a fully comprehensive battle report for Queek Greyclaw's slowly burgeoning army!

As far as the Tale of X Gamers is concerned, I've painted up the two Rat Ogres plus an assortment of Packmasters (although pictures will have to wait until my camera reappears...). That still leaves me all the Clanrats plus the Globadiers and Warlock Engineer to paint before September 1st. Eeek! Think I'm really going to have to put a shift in to get those done in time...

So that's it for now. This was really just a post to let you know I am still alive and procrastinating as usual.

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