Tuesday, 14 June 2011


You'll never guess what's happened...

I've finally finished the Clanrats!

After all that procrastinating, they only took me an afternoon/evening of not-that-determined effort to finish them off. Although it's taken me the best part of three months from start to finish, the actual painting time has been considerably less than that - I reckon I could get the next unit done with just a couple of days of determined painting. Given that it's difficult for me to get two days where I can focus on nothing but painting though, I think aiming to complete them within a week or two would be more realistic.

Looking at the photos, I might actually go back and paint in the eyes on these after all. I wasn't going to bother to begin with, figuring that they'd be lost within the mass of fur, but they actually show up quite prominently so it might improve the look of the unit to pick out those little specks of red after all.

Anyway, that's 30 Clanrats more or less out of the way! Only another 170 to go....

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