Monday, 20 June 2011

Rats of War

Shock horror - more progress has been made with the Skaven!

First up, I went back to the Clanrats and painted in the eyes, as well as a few clan markings scattered around on shields. Just a quick snap of the Command group to demonstrate:

One thing I did realise while doing these is that I really need a new Fine Detail brush if I'm going to be painting more Skaven markings - they're all pretty fine lines and my current brush (which has seen a fair amount of service now) isn't really up to scratch...

Anyway, that's the Clanrats wholly finished now and I've started on the Rat Ogres.
Undercoated in Army Painter's "Leather Brown". The only real downside is that there are only two variants of the IoB models, combined with the fact that they're all two-part models which makes converting them a bit difficult and out of my comfort zone (not to mention the fact that I want to get them painted up reasonably quickly...). Still, a bit of variation on the painting will hopefully differentiate them enough.

Here they are with the basecoats done (unless I've forgotten something...). There are a variety of fur colours in there - Chaos Black, Scorched Brown, Graveyard Earth, Bestial Brown and also the "naked" undercoat of Leather Brown. Some are painted with solid colour (as you can see), while others have been painted in patches to give even more variety.

Despite the fact that there are only two poses, they've been surprisingly fun to paint so far. The fur variation should show up even better after the customary Devlan Mud wash, which will also pick out all the details like bandages, stitches, metal work etc.

On a slight sidenote, my appreciation for Devlan Mud has soared while painting the Skaven. I got a pot initially when the GW Washes first came out and used it on Giant Yeti (more on that in a future post perhaps), and I wasn't too impressed to begin with. The more I've used it though, the more I've come to love it. It's great for speed painting, and makes even my shoddy rushed work look half-decent when it's applied!

Anyway, I'm planning on starting the washes tonight (while I watch the concluding episode of Case Histories, plus an episode or two of Game of Thrones) and then it's on to the details! I'm planning on painting the black loincloths with a checkered pattern, just like the Clan Rictus scheme in the "Heraldry and Uniforms of the Skaven" book. Hopefully I'll be able to get the lot completed before I head off to Scotland on Friday.

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