Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Asrai.org Miniature Exchange

About a year ago, I got involved in a Miniature Exchange run on Da Warpath. For those not familiar with the concept, you promise to paint one figure or vignette in the two month time limit, and send it to whomever you are assigned. In return, you will receive a model sent by another painter.

Well, for Da Warpath's Exchange I painted up an old 5th Edition Orc Standard Bearer for jimbob1066e

It's a great classic figure (in my opinion) and I liked it so much, I bought two so that I could paint the other one up and keep it for myself.

I haven't got round to painting the second Orc yet, but I have finally gotten round to organising a similar project on Asrai.org! We've had 23 participants sign up and everyone has been assigned a painter. This also means that I'll be painting a figure up for someone as well. I spent most of Sunday evening browsing the 'net for ideas, and placed a bitz order yesterday to get all the parts I need. I've just been contacted by BitzBox.com to say that my order is now on it's way and so I'll likely be able to start building just in time for my holiday to Scotland! I might just hide my modelling stuff in the suitcase (away from the prying eyes of the other half!) and take it all with me to work on should we encounter any rainy days...

Now, the rules of the project mean I can't post WiP photos until the model has been sent and received, but I'll be sure to take plenty while I work to post when it's OK to do so. Until then, you'll just have to make do with written updates on my progress!

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