Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Da Warpath Advent Challenge, and WiPs

 Advent Challenge

Well, it's nearly a month since I actually painted it but I finally have decent pics of the model I completed for Da Warpath's Advent Challenge! If you remember the challenge was to paint a complete model, start to finish, over a period of 24 hours. I managed it (just) but didn't have access to a camera at the time (except my phone, and you can see the quality of those photos...)

The figure in question was a Spartan Games Greek Hero from their now-OOP "Heroes of Myth and Legend" range:

Obviously the base isn't finished - I'm not sure exactly what I want to do with it, but as it's such a large base I feel like I should do a little extra work on it rather than the standard sand-and-paint. Suggestions welcome!


I've been working on a few other things this week as well; the advantage of losing the internet for a week is that I didn't spend as much time browsing, and actually picked up a paintbrush.

Anyway, I've done a bit of work on two characters for my Tilean army. I think these are both great models (and they're pretty hard to get hold of these days as well...) so I want to do a good job. Hopefully they look OK so far.

First up is Lucrezzia Belladonna:

She's not quite finished - I've a few bits to finish, such as facial details, the sword and the horse's caparison. Shouldn't take too long though

The other model is the Tilian Mercenary General, available as a DoW figure a few years ago but no longer on sale:

A bit further behind than Belladonna. I'm not entirely sure how to paint him; I've been looking for pictures of a painted version to use as a reference (I always like to have a reference piece to work with, so that I know how a model is supposed to look!), but as yet I've not had much luck. He doesn't have a horse yet either; I have a suitable model lying around somewhere, but I've not done anything with it as yet. 

I also pulled a few pikemen out of a box:

When I say a few, I actually mean 50....

They're Alcatani Fellowship models, but I don't plan on ever using them as the RoR they're supposed to be. Most of them are undercoated black (with a few untouched as yet) and most of the undercoated ones have had the flesh layer painted already. The three gold figures you can see in the second rank were a pain to paint the gold on though, so I'm thinking I may just splodge gold over all the metal bits and then touch up with other colours, rather than try and paint the metals neatly first time round - it's just too time-consuming trying to paint gold over such large areas! I plan on dipping these with ArmyPainter Strong Tone (I think) once the various basecoats are done.

Anyway, I had originally planned to have enough models for two units of 25 or one big unit of 50, but because of the numbers of different variety figures I currently have (particularly the middle and front rank figures i.e. with pikes down) I may have to purchase a few more a) so that they rank up properly and b) so that they look 'ordered' (i.e. each rank has its pikes at the same level). Curse my OCD!

Animosity 5

In other news, registration for Animosity 5 opened just under 24 hours ago. I signed up to join the Maderasari, the Wood Elf faction in the campaign. Turn 1 starts next Monday I think, so hopefully I can arrange some games to report for when we get started.
Until next time!

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