Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Tale of Duelling Gamers - June Progress

Just a quick update on the ToDG progress so far - not a lot has been done, in all honesty, as the month has played out busier than expected so far, especially with the World Cup going on! I've managed to assemble all the Wildwood Rangers (the first ten of which are shown below) but at the moment, painting is yet to commence on them.

In the spirit of showing more WiPs though, I will show a bit of the painting that has been done. I've had 15 Glade Riders in the wings for a while, and I've finally made a start on painting their horses.

Fifteen horses in a variety of shades!

This one is slightly further along, with all the leatherwork painted...

With just under two weeks left to get the Wildwood Rangers painted, I'd better crack on soon or end up facing a repeat of the first month, and miss the deadline!

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  1. On mass the rangers look great. I am glad to see a bigger unit of the cavalry too. Most woodelf armies I have seen seem to have unit do 5 cav, just does not carry the same nasty look as a bigger unit.