Monday, 2 June 2014

A Tale of Duelling Gamers - Here We Go Again...

Into month three we go then, so what have I got lined up this time around? 

Well, I have two boxes of these:

which will be used to make twenty of these guys:

So that's twenty Wildwood Rangers to build and paint. A big step up from last month, but not quite as big a target as the Eternal Guard back in April! I'm looking forward to putting these together as the models are pretty darn cool looking, and I have plans for a "darker" variation on my usual colour scheme to reflect the Rangers' more sinister nature...

Amount Spent: $94
Number of Figures: 20
Price at Current UK exchange rate: £51.94
GW UK Retail Price: £47
Price Paid: £40

Here you can see some of the incongruity between UK and Australian GW prices; a single Treeman in Australia costs $2 more than two boxes of Wildwood Rangers, but somehow in the UK the two boxes of Wildwood Rangers work out as a whole £10 more expensive than the Treeman! 

Anyway, as we're now at the halfway stage of the Tale, I thought I'd do a quick round-up of the spending so far as well:

Amount "Spent": $388
Number of Figures: 51
Equivalent at current UK exchange rate: £214.34
GW UK Retail: £157.80
Actual Amount Spent: £136.50 ($247.09)

You can see that even at the halfway stage, I'm a good few bob better off than buying at normal GW prices, let alone Australian GW prices. I've saved just over £20 compared to buying everything brand new (and that's quite a skewed figure as it is, given that two out of the three months so far have featured brand new models that haven't popped up on eBay yet...). Compared to my Australian brethren though, I've saved a massive £78/$141 on their GW prices...


  1. Yeah, the Wildwood Ranger box seems to be surprisingly affordable in Australia. Contents-wise it's roughly equivalent to something like the Dark Elf Witch Elf box (which can be built as Core or Rare, whereas this one is Core or Special), but that costs $23 more. I couldn't believe it when I saw the price on the Wildwood Rangers. Pleasant surprise really, given I will doubtless need to get some at some point.

    1. Yeah, I was quite surprised by the prices for all the new Wood Elf kits actually. They're still expensive for what you get, but in GW terms they're positively cheap.

  2. Still not as cheap as mantic but then they don't have wood elves really. Have fun

    1. Nobody's as cheap as Mantic, at the moment. I think they're still inferior to GW in terms of design though - apart from the Undead, the rest of the range doesn't appeal to me to be honest, unfortunately.

  3. Looking forward to seeing these guys painted up.

  4. GW pricing policy never ceases to amaze me (and not in a good way either).

    1. Yep, me too. This example in particular just seems completely arbitrary - they really do just seem to make it up as they go along!