Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tale of Duelling Gamers - Off to a Slow Start!

OK, I promised an update on my progress with the Tale of Duelling Gamers. It's taken me a while to get round to it, but here are the first couple of baby steps towards getting the first models done for the challenge.

I've sat down and put together a sort of schedule that details exactly what I hope to get painted each month, while keeping in budget and allowing for a couple of months when I know I'm not going to be able to get a lot done. With a bit of careful planning (and some fiddling of numbers!) I think I've managed to come up with something that I'll actually be able to see through to the end!

The first month's budget is $200 AUD, which just gave me enough to "buy" six boxes of Eternal Guard (that I've had sitting around for a while). This gives me 30 figures to paint by the end of April, and represents the biggest single monthly task of the whole schedule (not surprising really when there's double the money involved). If I can get these 30 models knocked out by the end of this month, the rest of the challenge should be a breeze in comparison!

Lots of Wood Elves waiting patiently in their boxes...

And now out of the boxes! 

Based and undercoated, as of Monday

And finally, the reason I don't make a lot of progress with hobby stuff.
And because everybody loves pictures of cats. 

And finally, some numbers for people to chew over. 

Amount "spent": $198 AUD (leaving $2 to carry over to next month)
Number of Figures: 30 metal models
Price at current UK exchange rate: £111.53
GW UK Retail Price: £73.80 (£37.73 cheaper than Australia)
Price Paid: £59.50 (£14.30 cheaper than UK Retail, £52.03 cheaper than Australian Retail!)


  1. That price difference fills me with rage...
    And now I am imagining you as Arnold Rimmer, spending all your time developing a colour-coded painting schedual, and then realiasing you spent the whole time making the schedual and cramming 30 figures into the night before the deadline :)

    1. I'm going to struggle to paint 30 figures in 30 days, so I definitely can't afford to pull a Rimmer and leave it all to the last day!

  2. Welcome to the wondrous world of Australian RRP. Just think, if this challenge had been based upon UK retail prices instead, you might have had actual difficulty meeting your monthly painting targets...

    As an aside, have you seen the recent rumours that Eternal Guard will not be in the new book, and if you follow the GW suggestion, you will effectively have just painted 30 Wardancers? Crazy times. Not trying to torpedo your efforts - just giving you something to think about if you didn't already know.

    1. Don't worry, I might still have difficulty meeting these monthly painting targets!

      Just to put it into perspective, if we were using UK RRP, starting with £200 would have bought me everything I plan to paint for this challenge up until August, with money to spare! It's a wonder you guys play Warhammer at all!!

      And I've seen the rumours going around, and read the various discussions. All sounds a bit fishy to me, for a few reasons, so I'm taking it with a massive amount of salt...

  3. Thankfully at 45 years of age I have most of the toys I need, many of the toys I want, and way to many toys as far as my wife is concerned. But yes the price is the reason that I have not bought any full retailed price GW minis since a trip to Europe 3yearsago. That said I buy second hand GW and have started playing games other than WFB for my fantasy fix. Plus have not really fallen in love with 8th edition. I still play though.

    1. You can never have enough toys Chris! Of course, GW prices are a concern for a lot of people. I've not bought anything direct from GW for at least two years, as I balk at UK GW prices but you guys in Oz have it a lot worse than me!

      8th Edition certainly has it's good and bad points, as do all rulesets, but I still love the setting and background, so I keep playing the game. There's always too many games, and not enough time though!