Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Making a Start...

A bit of a break from the scheduled programming (i.e. Wood Elves...) but an update nonetheless! Somewhat ironically, the first painted figure of 2014 is...a High Elf. Teclis, to be precise, painted for the Asrai.org Miniature Exchange this year. The figure is now safely with it's intended recipient and so it's safe to show pictures.

I also received a model in return, a winter-themed Wood Elf Spellsinger. At least this is one Wood Elf I won't have to paint! 

Many thanks to my painter (Rab) for the model.

Meanwhile, progress on my own Wood Elves is proceeding slowly but surely. I'll update on where I'm at soon.


  1. That's a nicely painted figure, too good to give away ;)

    1. Ha, thanks Matt. Unfortunately it's a little late not to give it away now, it's all settled in in the depths of Wales somewhere!