Friday, 7 February 2014

If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

 On with the show then!

As I stated in my previous post, I've got three main projects I want to focus on this year (or four, if you count the one I don't have to paint figures for!) The first of these are my Wood Elves.

I began repainting my Wood Elves last year in order to take part in GW's Throne of Skulls event in October. I wasn't happy about turning up with my army in the state it was in, as my painting has improved a lot since I first painted them, and so I made the decision to start completely from scratch and repaint everything, starting with the stuff I'd need for a 2000 points list to take to the Throne of Skulls.

The repainted stuff so far - the 2k list I took to the Throne of Skulls
That army consisted of 91 models, which I managed to paint from start to finish in 96 days. Those 2000 points represent less than half of all my Wood Elf models though. I said in the last post that I had 128 more Wood Elves to paint - turns out that number was off by quite a bit, as I'd forgotten to include several of the models I had tucked away in boxes and drawers! For your perusal then, here is the complete list of Wood Elf models I'm aiming to get painted this year:

35 old 5th Edition Archers
39 Eternal Guard
4 Dryads
9 new Glade Guard (archers)
3 Mages
6 Lords/Nobles (four on foot, two mounted)
2 Eagles
15 Glade Riders
15 old 5th Edition Glade Riders
16 Wardancers
12 Waywatchers
6 Warhawk Riders

Total - 166 models

A selection of Wood Elves waiting to be undercoated

Quite a task! Given that I've painted an average of around 130 models per year over the last three years, if I paint all the Wood Elves it will be a good year, let alone tackling any of my other projects. Nevertheless, I am going to plough ahead and attempt it. I'm busy preparing models for painting for all three projects - if it ever stops raining, I'll even get to go outside and undercoat them, so that painting can commence!


  1. Good luck Nick, that is ambitious but to misquote Laozi, "A two thousand point army starts with a single figure."

    1. Cheers Matt, I might have to pin your misquoted Laozi up on the wall of my cave to keep me going!